An open collaboration in documentary filmmaking
2011 -


Out/Side/Film is an experimental production company. It is a not-for-profit registered social enterprise that operates as an open collaboration from project to project. It was set up in order to provide a framework for artists' and non-artists' work in film and video whose needs are not met by existing creative or film industry infrastructures, and to produce films that reference and take from the spheres of art, documentary, blogging and direct action, but which negotiate and occupy their own territories.

It aims to improve opportunities for marginalised and excluded individuals and communities to engage on their own terms and to their own ends with cultural production of the highest quality, and to act as a hub for and make links between examples of such activity.

'Arise, You Gallant Sweeneys!' was it's first feature-length production in early 2011. 'Taking the Michael' followed in late summer 2012 and the short documentary 'Underground Music' shortly after.

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