Standard 8mm film, 25 mins


From One Thoresby Street gallery handout:

"Ian Nesbitt is an experimental filmmaker, often working in collaboration with non-artists and their own archive footage. For 'Sketches of Brunei c. 1978' he returns to footage of his own pre-memory childhood in Brunei, re-editing recently unearthed reels of his parents' cine-film to a set of guidelines in the tradition of structural film.

What emerges is a non-objective portrait of a country in the early stages of preparing for independence. The relentless and predetermined cut of the edit forces a narrative of sorts through unrelated scenes of colonial gardens, food markets, military ceremonies, cock fights and interminable boat rides. Relationships between fading military and emerging oil powers, cultural colonialism and native tradition, family life and global politics are brought into question. An unquantifiable body of water serves as both schism and conduit."

The film was made as a silent piece in 2012 and given a soundtrack by guitarist Jim Ghedi in 2016. It has since been performed with live soundtrack at Sin Eater Festival and Primary in Nottingham.

The film can be viewed here

Stills are taken from print of 8mm film.