live art, alternative education
2016 - ongoing


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know was a series of informal 15 minute talks that took place as part of the Commoners' Fair project in 2016 at Primary in Nottingham. From the Ek-Uh-Nom-Iks zine that was produced after the event:

"Tell Me Something I Don’t Know was an open forum for sharing information, experience and knowledge. People could sign up to do a very short talk - 15 minutes absolute max - on any subject whatever. The talks went on all afternoon without interruption. Subjects included being a disabled person working with banana farmers in Uganda, a cycle pilgrimage to the Hebrides, how to write a community newspaper, giving quietly, local waste initiatives, how to make candied scotch bonnets, the setting up of the first traveller site in Nottingham, how to make and share kombucha, and a piece of software that could eventually replace taxation and government! It was a kind of prototype for a way for people to learn and share things with each other. Anyone can do it anywhere, it was a lot of fun."

TMSIDK is now a regular talk series at Primary, organised by artist Rebecca Lee, where six people share a diverse mix of stories, knowledge, and passions, and share food together afterwards. The subjects of the talks span the personal, global, local, and unusual.

In 2020, curator Jade Foster initiated a conversation between themselves, Ian Nesbitt and Rebecca Lee to reflect on the hostory of the project, which can be found here.

An archive of the talks can be found here