Group Exhibition


I was selected to make new work for an exhibition at Millenium Galleries Sheffield, bringing together two organisations - Annexinema and Open Kitchen Social Club - for an offsite film & food event as part of the exhibition.

Open Kitchen is an organisation set up to provide food, support, and a place to meet for destitute asylum seekers, refugees and those in need in the wider community, while Annexinema creates nomadic screening events of experimental and artists film. From the programme:

"The film programme focuses on issues of migration and flow, accompanied by a sharing of food cooked by Open Kitchen. As the event falls during Ramadan, guests are invited to share in the breaking of the day's fast after the screening has finished at around 9.30 p.m with a meal cooked by Open Kitchen members. The films will start at 7.30 p.m. Samosas will be available before the screening. Everything Flows brings together work by emerging and established Sheffield-based artists working with painting, sculpture, video, photography and sound. The works are each united, in different ways, by a sense of ‘flow’, from choreographed movement and kinetic motion, through to the fluctuations of narrative, and the movement of international finance and migration."